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Why Comline Steering & Suspension?

The Right Choice
Whether running a business that depends on quality parts, or simply running a vehicle that requires the inevitable maintenance, Comline steering & suspension is the right choice.

With a comprehensive all makes range, impressive quality, a leading 3-year warranty and a competitive edge, the Comline steering & suspension range is built to cater for the needs of the European aftermarket.

If you are looking for a steering & suspension solution that ticks all the right boxes then call off your search and look no further than Comline.

Manufacturing Excellence
Product performance out in the real world can only be achieved with genuine manufacturing excellence. The steering & suspension system is safety critical in every vehicle and nothing can be left to chance in ensuring each individual component meets the standards required for each application.

Comline parts in this product category are precisely engineered and rigorously tested inside world-class manufacturing centres. State-of-the-art technologies and leading processes combine to deliver consistent, reliable quality from every part that is crafted on these production lines.
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All Makes Range
Across our product portfolio the Comline philosophy is the cater for all popular makes and models within the European vehicle parc - our steering & suspension range is no exception.

Covering all the applications that matter to aftermarket businesses across Europe, the Comline range is both extensive and carefully assembled, whilst an ongoing and fast-paced new-to-range programme keeps our range in tune with the ever-changing needs of the market.

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The Perfect Fit
Installation problems mean lost time and revenue for the technician and potentially higher costs for the motorist. That's why here at Comline, we prioritise the quick, first time fit.

To that end, each part within our extensive steering & suspension line-up comes supplied with all the relevant accessories for immediate, trouble-free fitment. So, if a ball joint application requires three screws, three nuts and three washers to complete the installation that's exactly what you'll find alongside the part inside a Comline box.

Complete Traceability
Product traceability reflects the absolute confidence we have in our steering & suspension range. Simply put, every steering & suspension part we supply is stamped or engraved with our brand logo and an accompanying batch code.

This ensures a Comline part can always be identified and enables us to pinpoint the exact manufacturing batch from which the part was produced. It's a small feature but one which can give the installing mechanic that extra layer of confidence.

Comline offers every steering & suspension part with a leading 3-year (36,000 mile / 60,000 km) warranty.

In a safety critical product category where performance and reliability is paramount, this warranty tells you everything you need to know about the confidence we have in our product line.

The Competitive Edge
Another key component of Comline's brand philosophy is our ability to provide products of genuine quality with a competitive edge.

Comline steering & suspension stays true to this approach and is positioned with affordability in mind to support our distributor customers,  the garages they supply, and the motorists they service. Comline's competitive edge ensures the European aftermarket can have a best-of-both-worlds solution provding undeniable quality and performance at the right price.

Comline Augmented Reality
Explore steering & suspension using our state-of-the-art Comline Augmented Reality (C.A.R) platform.

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