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Steering & Suspension Performance

The Comline roadmap for steering & suspension performance

Fully Featured. Extensively Tested.
With every rotation of a wheel, every bump in the road, and every evasive manouevre, the reliable, responsive and safe operation of a vehicle's steering & suspension system is paramount.

That's why each and every steering & suspension part within Comline's impressive range is fully-featured and extensively tested to deliver absolute performance, mile-after-mile, and in all conditions.

Scroll down for a first-hand look at the features and testing that underpin Comline steering & suspension performance.

Raw Materials
The steering & suspension system of a modern vehicle is subjected to immense forces and each component must be capable of handling the pressure. For Comline, the route to high-quality steering & suspension parts begins with raw materials that have the necessary properties to perform in such conditions.

Whether traditional steel, or more contemporary light-weight aluminium components, each Comline part is crafted for strength and durability using carefully selected raw materials.

Chloroprene Rubber
The choice of material for the rubber boots used throughout the Comline steering & suspension range is a simple one. Chloroprene rubber is proven to have the right durability, tensile strength and Ozone resistance for automotive applications and its use prevents the premature failures common with inferior rubber materials.

Look for the >CR< marking (pictured) visible on each Comline rubber boot.

High-Specification Grease
Correct ball joint lubrication is an essential part of on-vehicle performance.

Castrol Olistamoly 2 LN 584/LO grease, chosen for optimimum viscosity and its deformation properties, is utilised across the Comline range of ball joints, with automated equipment ensuring precise application of grease volumes for each and every part.

Cold Forged Ball Pins
The ball pin is an integral component in many of Comline's steering & suspension components. Essentially the "ball" component in a mechanically formed ball and socket connection, it is vital to achieve an extremely smooth surface finish for equally smooth on-vehicle performance.

Manufactured using cold forging as part of a three-stage process, each Comline ball pin is also tempered and quenched for added strength, then machined and finished to a achieve a minimum surface finish of 0.45 microns (Ra) and 2.5 microns (Rz).

Cataphoresis is an 11-stage electo-coating process which protects Comline steering & suspension parts against water ingress, salt, dirt and other road surface contaminants.

Implemented on a fully-automated plating line, each part is submerged into an electrically charged coating which adheres to the metal component for increased strength and product longevity.

Impact, scorch and bending batch tests are carried out to ensure the consistency and effectiveness of the cataphoresis coating is maintained.

Salt Spray Testing
A 900 hour salt spray test provides an accelerated simulation of real-world driving conditions. In fact, this test simulates approximately 10-years of on-vehicle use and is a vital process for ensuring the corrosion resistance of Comline steering & suspension parts.

3 & 4 Axis Testing
This important test underpins the performance of Comline Control Arms, Ball Joints, Bushes and Tie-Rods by simulating the loads, movement, angles and frequencies of real world driving.

3 & 4 axis testing varies in duration dependent on product type and application but can run for up to 1 million cycles.

Comprehensive Testing
In addition to the above, Comline steering & suspension parts are also subjected to a range of further tests, including:

  • Push/Pull Load Testing
  • Fatigue & Life Cycle Testing
  • Rotational Torque Testing
  • Bonding & Hardness Testing
  • Temperature Testing (-40°C -> 120°C)
  • Environmental Testing
  • Material Analysis & Testing

Comline Augmented Reality
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