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Hubs & Bearings

Precision engineered bearings supplied fitment-ready

Our Range
Modern day wheel bearings play a crucial role in mobilising all vehicle types and must be capable of handling immense radial and/or axial loads. High-quality replacement parts are therefore absolutely essential in maintaining the long-term performance of a vehicle.

Comline’s comprehensive range of aftermarket hub assembly and wheel bearing kits are designed for smooth operation and complete reliability, providing competitive, OE-matching solutions for the European vehicle parc.

Our range is one of the most expansive available within the aftermarket covering the most basic 'gen 0' style bearings, right through to the more contemporary and more complex 'gen 3' variants.

Material Selection
Shaped from lightweight, high-carbon steel, Comline hubs & bearings  offer a superior mix of toughness, heat resistance and durability that yields stellar performance throughout the service life of the part.

This is complemented by premium, long-life seals that deliver protection from contaminants and high-performance grease which offers effective lubrication across a broad range of temperatures (-20°C – 120°C), coupled with corrosion protection and resistance to washout.

World-Class Manufacturing
All Comline wheel hubs and bearings are manufactured to tight tolerances in class-leading production facilities that operate to ISO 9001 certified standards and in compliance with TÜV regulations.

The result is perfectly crafted hubs and bearings that feature precise internal geometry for mile-after-mile of trouble-free motoring.

Tested for Quality
Validating the performance of any Comline product is a crucial piece of the quality jigsaw and our hubs & bearings are no exception.

Extensive testing throughout the production process underpins performance with all hubs & bearings subjected to material analysis, metallographic checks and bolt tensile and fatigue-life testing. Where required for the vehicle application an ABS signal detection test is also completed.

Fitment Ready
Each Comline hub or bearing is delivered as a complete kit containing all the relevant accessories required for simple, convenient installation.

Accessories vary by application but can include nuts, split-pins, seals, caps, O-rings, circlips, lock-nuts, bolts, shields, spacers, paper-gaskets and washers.