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Activated Carbon Filters

Harness the power of activated carbon to protect you and your passengers

Our Range
Alongside a range of more traditional cabin (pollen) filters, Comline also offers numerous activated carbon options which provide an extra layer of protection for vehicle occupants.

Such designs feature media impregnated with activated carbon molecules that filter out ultra-fine, ultra-harmful gas particles such as Benzine or Ozone. These particles also have air-freshening properties and serve to eliminate unpleasant odours from the vehicle cabin.

Manufacturing Expertise
Like all Comline filters, our comprehensive carbon filter range is manufactured in first-class production facilities.

Carefully audited by our brand quality teams, these manufacturing specialists utilise the very latest equipment and techniques to produce Comline-brand carbon filters to our exacting specifications.

Media Selection
Comline carbon filters feature carefully selected media (paper) from some of the world's leading producers. Media is chosen to prevent media saturation, collapse, and a breakdown in filter intergrity and performance.

Precision Pleat Geometry
To increase effective surface area within a Comline carbon filter and maximise both efficiency and capacity, our filter media is carefully 'pleated'.

Each Comline filter is equipped with Precision Pleat Geometry (PPG) which ensures uniformity of depth, spacing and quantity of pleats within each filter reference.

PPG is all important in maintaining flow rate, maximising efficiency and ensuring the service life performance of the filter.

IFTS Member
Comline sits alongside an elite group of filtration providers as a member of the IFTS (International Filter Testing Services) - one of the world's foremost filtration testing organisations.

Partnering with the IFTS, we are able to test and benchmark the quality of filter media to ensure Comline carbon filters deliver consistent, reliable performance.