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Comline Adds 4 New Oils

2013-07-17 10:32:46


As part of its ongoing business development and growth, Comline Auto Parts have announced the launch of four new high specification grades of motor oil. Refined and blended in Europe, the competitively priced oils include a new 0W-20 grade, specifically recommended for petrol/hybrid applications such as the latest Toyota Prius.

Marketing and Communications Manager, Simon Hutchinson commented “Vehicle Manufacturers are continuing to downsize today’s modern engines, placing greater stresses on lubricants. Modern oils generally have a lower viscosity – therefore helping the engine turn over easily and allowing the oil to circulate quickly. Comline’s new 0W20 oil for hybrid applications is a good example of how the market is changing to specific oils for specific applications. Comline’s synthetic oils provide protection to the engine across a far wider range of temperatures and create fewer deposits. Plus… what other supplier can provide customers with quality oil plus the relevant oil filter in the same brand and at a sensible price for their vehicle?”

Sales and Marketing Director, Malcolm Rosher added “In the current economic climate, customers have been increasingly pleased to work with a company that not only delivers a top product when it says it will, but that also has a no frills commercial business model behind it. The new range of oils have been specifically developed as a direct response to customer feedback; our research told us there was a gap in the market for further programme development to the existing eight oil grades that were launched in 2012.”

All grades of Comline oil are available in 5 litre, 4 litre and 1 litre containers. The Comline oil programme is packaged in cases of four for the 5ltr and 4ltr containers, and in cases of 12 for the 1ltr product.

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