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Comline Adds TecDoc for Germany

2013-05-07 15:25:18

Comline prepares to take the German market by storm with TecDoc link 

Since becoming one of TecDoc’s data suppliers in October 2010, Comline data has been published across the whole of Europe, until very recently, with the exception of Germany. The business has almost consistently achieved a score of more than 80 per cent of TecDoc’s data quality criteria, qualifying it for entry into the elite ‘A’ grade club that totals only a select number of companies.

“Comline has long married its business growth with investment in its online data quality and data processing facilities, for the benefit of its customers, the Motor Factors,” Marketing & Communications Manager Simon Hutchinson commented.

“Germany is a key market for any automotive supplier and Comline is no exception. With the Comline product programmes now available on TecDoc for the German market to see, we are significantly raising our profile within the country and providing our export team with a highly efficient route to market.”

“The accuracy of our data and the speed at which we develop and introduce new numbers is quite staggering. Comline distributors across the continent have long benefited by increased sales; and from now on Germany will have the same access to our brands, giving them the confidence, ability and desire to invest, which of course helps drive the Comline brand forward.” 

In addition to working in partnership with TecDoc across Europe, Comline has been working with the UK based data company MAM to achieve a consistent level of excellence for the home market. With a compliance score of plus seven – the highest rating awarded by MAM.

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