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Rampa De Falperra hill climb

2012-06-18 10:27:16

Comline and our Portuguese customer to sponsor a car in a hill climb!

Rampa De Falperra is a very popular motor race which this year took place on 19th and 20th May near Braga, Portugal. 160 cars were climbing 4 hills each over two days and the fastest managed to achieve that in 1 minute 54 seconds. Car makes varied from 1960’s Ford Escorts to 500 horsepower supercars, teams arrived from all over Europe though there was a strong Portuguese domination!

Comline and our Portuguese customer Soarauto sponsored a fantastic Opel Commodore 1.9 which unfortunately didn't manage to finish the race due to overheating. However Comline livery was prominent on the car and looked very good!

John Ward, our agent for Southern Europe enjoyed the race immensely to the point that undiscouraged with the loss of our car he stuck our Comline logos onto his private Porsche!!!


race  race

race  race


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