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Comline receives 'A' rating from TecDoc!

2012-03-29 12:39:53

`A` data rating from Tecdoc helping Comline right across Europe

A four year project by the Comline data team has been recognised by global data provider Tecdoc. The plan was to make paper catalogues a thing of the past and they have succeeded.

The complexity of building and maintaining data for the entire European replacement market - covering all European, Japanese and Korean cars and light vans, was an incredible challenge, Comline recognised this many years ago by investing in the people and systems required, and are now seeing real benefits.

A three way approach was required:- Tecdoc for the continent. MAM for their home market in the UK, and their industry leading online catalogue. "These platforms are only as good as the data at source so it's a real honour, and a real recognition of the attention to detail and hard work by all in the data team here at Comline Luton, to be given this `A` rating by Tecdoc", explains Sales and Marketing Director Malcolm Rosher. "The accuracy of our data, and the speed at which we develop and introduce new numbers is quite staggering", Comline distributors right across the continent see the benefit in increased sales, this gives them the confidence, ability, and desire  to invest, this of course helps drive the Comline brand forward", continues Malcolm. "My background was in creating data and catalogues many years ago, what the team here at Comline achieve these days is both daunting and remarkable, I don't know how they do it".

Of course there was substantial costs in the equipment, the software and data sourcing ,but Comline are now seeing the benefits - 30% year on year growth during the last few years, export sales now exceed domestic UK, and the Comline brand is now firmly established in Europe. Recent activity is now taking them into Russia.


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