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Comline News: Comline Enhances its Lubricant Portfolio

2016-10-19 12:39:44

Comline Auto Parts has complemented its range of motor oils with the addition of gear oils, transmission fluids and brake fluids.

Refined and blended in Europe, this entire range of new lubricants is dressed in new and distinctive silver and yellow packaging – differentiating from the renowned blue and yellow livery of Comline motor oil whilst providing genuine on-shelf appeal.

In addition, each Comline gear oil, transmission fluid and brake fluid type features a unique colour accent to help customers distinguish between the grades and easily find the product they are looking for.

As with all Comline products, these high-specification lubricants cover a comprehensive array of popular European, Japanese and Korean engine types.




Gear oils

Comline offers three different gear oils, each of which are available in 1-litre bottles: 80W90 GL4 and 80W90 GL5 are both mineral options, with 75W90 GL5 a synthetic offering.

75W90 GL5 and 80W90 GL4 are prescribed for manual gearboxes and final drives, whilst 80W90 GL5 is formulated for use with hypoid gears and hub reductions.

All deliver the same professional, reliable performance thanks in part to special additives included in the blend. This special formulation is designed to reduce wear, corrosion and foam building whilst protecting the oil against thermal oxidation at high temperatures.

Optimum performance across a broad range of temperatures make Comline gear oils the right choice all-year round.

Transmission fluids

Comline’s four-strong range of transmission fluids, also offered as 1-litre options, feature a low pour point that ensures the fluids lubricate and protect at low temperatures. This feature is most prevalent during cold start-up when a lubricant is subjected to the lowest possible operating temperatures.

Comline offers ATF1100 and ATF3H fully-synthetic, ATF3G semi-synthetic and ATF2 mineral transmission fluids, each of which provide a diverse and comprehensive performance profile.

Across these four options, Comline not only delivers coverage for a wide range of automatic transmissions types but also power steering systems, hydraulic systems, torque convertors and fluid clutches.

Brake fluids

Utilising Comline brake fluid, motorists can safeguard the performance of their braking system and drive with total confidence. As you would expect from a brand that works tirelessly to stay in-tune with the needs of the market, Comline has launched its brake fluid range with two popular variants: DOT4 and DOT5.1.

Available in a 1-litre or 500ml bottle, Comline DOT4 is a premium specification that provides maximum protection against corrosion within the hydraulic system and is developed specifically for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, mopeds, scooters, forklift trucks and motorcycles.

Meanwhile, Comline DOT5.1, available in 250ml only, is fully-synthetic and recommended for ABS and ASR brake systems. The low viscosity of this brake fluid, in comparison to DOT3 and DOT4, delivers superior performance in such systems.

Both Comline DOT4 and DOT5.1 brake fluids feature a high ‘wet boiling point’, which protects against the dangers of vapour lock within the braking system.

Continuing success

This new range of lubricants from Comline is set to follow in the footsteps of the brand’s motor oil range in proving a huge hit right across the continent. Comline currently exports to over 40 countries, and its range of motor oils has helped establish the brand as one of the fastest growing automotive brands in Europe.

Such success has seen Comline rewarded with the prestigious ‘Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2016’, the UK’s highest business accolade.



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