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Comline News: Introducing Comline Wheel Bearing Kits

2016-09-08 17:10:37

Comline Auto Parts introduces wheel bearing kits to automotive aftermarket

Wheel bearing kits are the latest addition to the diverse Comline Auto Parts portfolio, launched to complement its existing range of Hub Assembly Kits.

Made with precision, all Comline wheel hubs and bearings are manufactured to high standards and tight tolerances in class-leading production facilities that operate to ISO 9001 certification and in compliance with TÜV regulations.

Award-winning Comline, recipient of The Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2016, has introduced its stellar range of own-brand wheel bearing kits to the automotive aftermarket as it targets yet more success across Europe.

Lightweight, high-carbon steel is utilised for manufacture. This material is selected for its toughness, heat resistance and durability, which delivers excellent performance throughout the service life of the part.

Premium, long-life seals provide protection from contaminants, whilst high-performance grease offers effective lubrication across a broad range of temperatures – -20°C to 120°C – with corrosion protection and resistance to washout.

The Luton-based brand knows quality is high on the agenda for both motor factors and garages alike and is proud to announce that each hub and bearing carrying its name is thoroughly scrutinised by an array of test procedures, including: material analysis, dimension testing, metallographic analysis, ABS signal detection, bolt tensile testing and fatigue life testing.

Comline Product General Manager, Miten Parikh, commented on the importance of fitting the right wheel bearing: “Modern-day wheel bearings play a crucial role and must have the capacity to handle immense radial and/or axial loads.

“High-quality replacement parts are a necessity to ensure the long-term performance of a vehicle, and the Comline hub and bearing range is manufactured and tested to deliver such levels of quality.”

Range explored

Each part number is delivered as a complete kit and contains all the relevant accessories technicians need to ensure a simple, easy fitting. These vary depending on the respective application, but kits may contain nuts, split-pins, seals, caps, O-rings, circlips; lock-nuts, bolts, shields, spacers, paper-gaskets and washers.

Speaking about the wheel bearing launch, Comline Marketing and Communications Manager, Leigh Davies, said: “Our new range of wheel bearing kits is the direct result of listening to the needs of our customers.

“Hub assembly kits have been part of the Comline portfolio for some time, but it became increasingly apparent that our customers needed a comprehensive range of wheel bearings from the brand. That’s exactly what we’ve delivered, and I believe Comline has a hub and bearing range that is right up there with the very best available in the aftermarket.”

The Comline hub and bearing range encompasses each product generation, from the simple, two-piece ‘Generation 0’ designs to more advanced dual-flange ‘Generation 3’ variants:

Generation 0

  • Single row ball (driven wheels) or taper roller bearing (non-driven wheels)
  • Traditional, two-piece bearings, which are less prevalent on modern vehicles
  • Laborious installation, as manual pre-load, lubrication and sealing is required

Generation 1

  • Double-row ball (driven wheels) or taper roller bearing (non-driven wheels)
  • Cartridge style design comprised of a complete inner and outer race, balls or rollers, cage and seal
  • Pre-lubricated, pre-sealed and factory set pre-load
  • Lifetime seal and lubrication

Generation 2

  • Bearing with integrated hub for wheel and disc attachment or flange for stub axle fixing
  • Double-row ball or taper roller bearings
  • Pre-lubricated, pre-sealed and factory set pre-load
  • Lifetime seal and lubrication
  • Integration of ABS sensors on selected applications

Generation 3

  • Dual-flange design with integrated hub for wheel and disc attachment and secondary flange for suspension fixing
  • Double-row ball or taper roller bearings
  • Pre-lubricated, pre-sealed and factory set pre-load
  • Lifetime seal and lubrication
  • Integrated ABS sensors on selected applications
  • Lightweight, compact characteristics make Generation 3 designs increasingly popular with vehicle manufacturers

List of applications


Ford Fiesta (2001-2010), Focus (1998-2004) and Fusion (2002-2012)


Hyundai Accent (2000-2010), Amica/Atoz (1998-onwards), Amica (1999-onwards), Coupe (1996-2002), Gitz (2002-onwards) and Lantra (1995-2000); Kia Rio (2005-onwards)


BMW 3 Series (1990-2007) and Z1 (1990-1991)


Kia Carens (2000-onwards), Clarus (1996-onwards) and Shuma (1997-2004); Mazda 323 (1990-1994), 626 (1991-2002), MPV (1999-2002), MX-6 (1992-1997) and Xedos (1992-2000)


Abarth Grande Punto (2007-2012) and Punto (2009-onwards); Alfa Romeo 145 (1998-2001), 146 (1998-2001), GTV (2000-2005), Mito (2008-onwards) and Spider (2000-2005); Citroën Nemo (2008-onwards); Fiat Barchetta (1999-2005), Brava (1998-2001), Bravo (1998-2001), Doblo (2001-onwards), Fiorino (2007-onwards), Idea (2004-onwards), Linea (2007-onwards), Marea (1998-2002), Multipla (1999-2010), Panda (2003-onwards), Punto (1999-onwards), Grande Punto (2005-onwards), Qubo (2008-onwards), Strada (2003-onwards) and 500 (2007-onwards); Ford KA (2008-onwards); Lancia Lybra (1999-2005), Musa (2004-2012), Ypsilon (2003-onwards); Opel Adam (2012-onwards), Corsa (2006-onwards); Peugeot Bipper (2008-onwards); Vauxhall Corsa (2006-onwards) and Corsavan (2006-onwards)


Nissan X-Trail (2001-2013)

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