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Technical Bulletin - EFF147 Fuel Filter

2016-06-29 10:36:24

To combat common faults and fitment challenges tha t are prevalent with aftermarket variants of this fuel filter Comline has developed a number of vital featu res and built them into our version - EFF147. These features are designed to deliver trouble-free installation and performance. 

Heater Unit Installation 

One of the most widespread faults with filters of this type is an issue with the mounting of the heater unit.  Some examples of this filter fail to lock the heater unit securely in position, which can result in leakage due to an inadequate seal between the heater unit and the filter itself. Aware of such issues, Comline has adopted a duel-clip design on the EFF147 filter (below) designed to precisely locate the position of the heater unit for a solid, reliable seal.  When replacing this filter it is also essential to replace the O-rings on the heater unit. Failure to do so can result in a broken seal between the heater unit and filter, which in turn causes leakage.  Comline provide three replacement O-rings with each EFF147 filter. 


Water Level Sensor Installation 

This particular filter carries a port for fitting a water level sensor; a feature that can cause some concern and confusion among technicians.  The first point to note is that a water level sensor is not required on all vehicles and, in such cases, the port would simply remain unused. 

In cases where the water level sensor is required the actual fitting process is very simple with the sensor simply screwing into the port. There is, however, considerable resistance when tightening the sensor followed by a very discernable ‘crack’.  This can cause concern for the technician, but both the resistance and the subsequent noise are by design. In simple terms, as the water sensor screws into position, the head of the sensor actually breaks through the dividing wall of the filter (below) putting the sensor in direct contact with the part of the filter where water accumulates.  

The piece of the filter wall that breaks as part of this operation does not affect the performance or functionality of the filter.


Bleed/Drain Valve 

Care is needed to correctly drain water and bleed the filter to prevent a vacuum forming that would prevent fuel flow. For correct installation, the bleed/drain valve on EFF147 should be unscrewed after filter installation and immediately closed as soon as fuel begins to flow. To ensure the correct procedure is followed Comline provides full fitting instructions with each EFF147 unit.

EFF147 features a single, dual-purpose bleed/drain valve (below) manufactured with high-quality PP materials to prevent damage or twisting during valve operation.  In addition, the valve screw cannot be fully unscrewed and removed from the filter.  This feature not only reduces the likelihood of cross-threading the valve screw, but also negates the possibility of losing a critical component during filter installation.

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