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Model Feature - Honda Accord

2016-01-15 11:36:23

Manufactured since 1976, the Honda Accord is an undisputed all-rounder. It might not match the likes of the Audi A4 and BMW 3-Series in terms of desirability and driving appeal, but the Accord still has plenty to offer buyers in search of a trusty family car.

The eighth generation example boasts the typical Honda attributes that have given the Accord such longevity. Indestructible engines, admirable refinement, superb build quality and excellent value-for-money all comes together to make the Accord a safe, solid and dependable choice.

Comline supplies a comprehensive range of friction and filtration parts for the Honda Accord with each part emulating the reputation of the vehicle it fits by delivering consistent, reliable performance. Our obsession with quality combined with our always competitive prices makes Comline the ideal choice for your business.

Call us today on 01582 578 888 to stock up on parts for the ever-popular Honda Accord.



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