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Model Feature - Toyota Land Cruiser

2015-09-18 16:11:48

Toyota’s Land Cruiser is a practical, reliable, ‘old school’ 4x4 that’s built to last. Famed for its bulletproof persona, the Land Cruiser is the off-road weapon of choice for many. It also safely delivers many a child to and from schools up and down the land.

Over the years the Land Cruiser has grown in luxury and size but this has never deterred from its ‘all-terrain’ capabilities. Very few cars out there are built to sustain the kind of abuse you can throw at a Land Cruiser.

With more than five million models being sold since it was first introduced as the Toyota BJ in the early 50’s, the Land Cruiser is a sturdy, no-nonsense vehicle that guarantees a commanding presence both on and off the road.

Toyota’s Land Cruiser is not the cheapest SUV money can buy, but with such dependability on offer, you really do get your monies worth. The same can be said for Comline replacement parts for this vehicle, which deliver consistent, reliable performance and prices that represent genuine value-for-money for Comline customers.

Our coverage of the Land Cruiser is just another example of Comline’s ‘all makes’ approach - whether the vehicle is European, Japanese or Korean Comline has got you covered.



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