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Model Feature - BMW M3

2015-06-16 11:25:50

The BMW M3 is definitive high-performance saloon. First introduced back in October 2000, this exhilarating machine offers genuine driving thrills thanks to razor-sharp, rear-wheel drive handling and BMW’s famed 50-50 weight distribution.

This sheer driving performance has earned the BMW M3 a legion of fans and despite heavyweight rivals such as the Audi RS4 and Mercedes CLK 55 AMG entering the market, the M3 (or latterly the M4) remains king!

That said, upkeep of a BMW M3 can be a costly pastime but that’s where Comline comes in! Delivering products that offer consistent, reliable quality and genuine value-for-money is the Comline way. If you’re looking to retain a strong margin whilst providing your customers, and M3 drivers, with a product they can trust then you need look no further than Comline.

The example below provides a snapshot of the Comline range for the BMW M3. View the full range by visiting our website.


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