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Model Feature - Audi A1

2015-06-16 11:29:59

With its desirable image and refined interior, the Audi A1 is an upmarket supermini with class aplenty! The prestigious Audi badge continues to command a premium and the A1 proves the old adage that ‘good things come in small packages’.

As part of the A1’s launch back in late 2010, Audi appointed none other than Justin Timberlake as a brand ambassador. Whether it was Timberlake’s endorsement, or simply that the A1 has genuine appeal, its popularity is without question; Audi is currently selling at a rate of over 90,000 units each year in European markets.

It’s vitally important that your business takes advantage of the Audi A1 and Comline is on hand with a stellar range of options including filtration, braking and more. Like all Comline products, our parts for the A1 offer undeniable quality at a price which ensures value for both the vehicle owner and your garage customer.

The best part though, is that you will be able to provide such great value whilst retaining strong margins for your business.

To see what Comline can do for your business please visit our website.


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