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Model Feature - Peugeot Expert E7 Taxi

2015-06-16 11:31:47

The Peugeot E7 is a purpose built taxi that is licensed to operate in 93% of local authority areas across the UK. Chances are if you’ve ever taken a taxi in one of the UK’s major cities then you’ve ridden in a Peugeot E7.

The flexible design of the E7 has proved hugely popular with cabbies and thousands of units sell each and every year. With the growth of the E7 fleet and the high mileage that these vehicles will cover, there is a real opportunity for your business to capitalise on replacement parts.

And what better way for you to take advantage of the E7 than by placing your trust in Comline. With Comline your business will benefit from:

1)    Consistent, reliable product quality

2)    Margin enhancing pricing

3)    Sales enhancing value

To see what Comline can do for your business please contact our Sales Team on 01582 578 888.


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