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Comline Goes International!

2014-06-13 12:19:34

British brand expands into new territories 

Comline has now expanded its activities beyond the European market into a number of exciting new territories. European pedigree has now graduated into fully fledged intercontinental pedigree with Comline expanding its distribution into Russia, Azerbaijan and North Africa.

In addition, Comline also recently exhibited at the Central Auto Parts Asia show in Almaty, Kazakhstan and Automechanika Dubai in the United Arab Emirates – both new markets for the brand. These exhibitions provided an exciting opportunity to connect the brand with a new audience and develop valuable relationships in these markets.

Comline continues to flourish, both in its home market here in the UK, and in a rapidly expanding group of international markets. The Comline brand promise of high quality products and competitive pricing is finding favour with aftermarket businesses across the globe. Sales & Marketing Director Malcolm Rosher commented:

“Comline is extremely proud of its international credentials. As a British brand, the success we have had in our home market has been fantastic and it’s great to see this being mirrored in countries right across Europe, and beyond. Our rate of expansion in recent years has been nothing short of phenomenal and seeing Comline now distributing into new continents is an absolute thrill.”

 Continued expansion into new international markets further underlines that Comline is a brand that is really going places!


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