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Mini Cooper S Friction Feature

2014-04-16 14:26:53

The Mini is a true British icon and, whilst now owned and produced by BMW, the new generation of Mini still celebrates its British heritage. Sales of the Mini have been huge since its re-launch in 2001 with tens of thousands on the UK roads.

As the high end sporty model, the Mini Cooper S is a regular in garages up and down the land and it’s vital that you are well prepared with parts. What better choice for a vehicle with such a strong British tradition than Comline Auto Parts; an organisation with our very own British roots and heritage.

As our example 2009 1.6 model illustrates, Comline has a strong friction range to cater for the Mini Cooper S. Each part carries with it the Comline promise of consistently high quality and pricing that allows you to be competitive and get the sale.

The name of the vehicle might be ‘Mini’ but your business opportunity with Comline Auto Parts is anything but.



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