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Technical Bulletin – Copper free brake pads.

2014-04-02 17:01:53

Did you know that all Comline manufactured brake pads for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles are copper free? So what, I hear you ask; but the reality is that the copper found in the brake pads has been found to have a significant impact on the environment.

When force is applied, brake pads release wear debris into the environment which, according to studies in the US, is actively damaging it. The findings indicate that ‘urban runoff’ of this copper contamination is harmful to the marine ecosystem, killing elements of sea life.

With more awareness of the subject being brought to light within the automotive industry, we are proud to say that we manufacture our Allied Nippon & Comline own brand brake pads without the use of copper.

Copper is used to help dissipate heat from the surface particularly in heavy duty or performance applications. Somewhat ironically, it replaced asbestos to perform this function after it was banned as a health danger! The recognition of the environmental effects that the copper based pads have has had a profound effect on the brake pad production across the world.

Our brake pads make up one of the biggest ‘E’ certified ranges in the world and feature the innovative RMR shim which serves to eliminate noise. Each pad originates in our own production facility and is tested right throughout the manufacturing process to ensure uncompromising quality.

Only by being produced in our very own foundries can we be confident in knowing exactly what components make up our high performance brake pads.

This is a claim that very few aftermarket suppliers can make. 

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