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Comline CO 5W40 is a fully synthetic motor oil for petrol and diesel engines in passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. This oil can be applied for cars equipped with catalytic converters, turbo charged engines and for direct fuel injection systems.


  • Provides an extremely quick and stable lubricant film during cold start-up
  • High thermal stability under heavy duty operating conditions.
  • Extremely good wear protection
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Special additives keep all parts free from dirt, sludge and deposits.
  • Delivers fuel saving properties
  • Can be mixed with both synthetic and mineral motor oils

Performance Level

ACEA A3/B4 (07)
VW 502.00
MB 229.3
Porsche A40
Renault RN0710
Renault RN0700
VW 505.00

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