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Comline COATF3G is a synthetic automatic transmission fluid, especially developed for new (after 1997) and older (automatic) transmissions build by Ford and GM, as well as for many other brands.


  • Suitable for power steering systems, some hydraulic systems and for rotary air compressors where an excellent low temperature fluidity is required
  • Very high viscosity index
  • Offers resistance against corrosion and foam building
  • Good anti oxidation and anti-wear properties
  • Extremely low pour point which allows easy gear shifting at cold starts
  • Friction characteristics of Comline COATF3G comply to the most modern demands in a very
  • broad temperature range.

Performance Level

Allison C-4
Ford Mercon
GM Dexron IIIG
MAN Typ Z1/V1
MB 236.1
Voith 55.6335
Volvo 97341
ZF TE-ML 02F/03D/09/11B/17C
ZF TE-ML 04D/14A
Caterpillar TO-2
ATF3G Transmission Fluid
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