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Comline Motor Oils

2012-11-14 12:05:55

Comline Auto Parts to announce the launch of eight high specification, mineral, semi and fully synthetic engine oils into the aftermarket

The programme is packaged in a sleek, new product box design intended to create a level of brand awareness with the end user; a major feature of which is the inclusion of Comline’s QR code. By scanning the code with a smart phone app, the user will automatically access Comline’s dedicated oil programme pages.

Refined and blended in Europe, the competitively priced programme which complements Comline’s existing product portfolio, meets the most up to date Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications, including: long-life; Dexos2 and the later Ford Zetec requirements. This means that, in line with Vehicle Manufacturer (VM) specification, the oils can be used with complete confidence in vehicles with extended service periods and also in diesel vehicles with particulate filters.

Due to ever more stringent vehicle emissions regulations, VMs are increasingly fitting these filters within the exhaust system to reduce the deposits emitted by the engine into the atmosphere. Using the incorrect oil can result in the build-up of soot deposits in the exhaust gasses, damaging the expensive filter and necessitating a change. In support of this, Comline recommends that the correct oil is used for the vehicle and is changed regularly, in line with VM specifications.

Theprogramme comprises:

  • CO 10W40 a universal semi-synthetic based motor oil
  • CO 5W30 D2 a fully synthetic motor oil manufactured to Dexos2 specifications
  • CO 5W30 LL a fully synthetic motor oil specifically designed for passenger cars of the VAG group (Volkswagen (VW), Audi, Seat and Skoda)
  • CO 5W30 Z a fully synthetic, motor oil developed to aid fuel economy, for Ford Zetec and Jaguar models
  • CO 5W30 a fully synthetic oil for petrol and diesel engines with or without turbo
  • CO 5W40 PD a fully synthetic oil designed for VW diesel engines with pump injector units
  • CO 15W40 CG4 and CO 20 W50 CG4, two broad application mineral based engine oils for use in mixed fleets and light commercial vehicles (LCVs).

Comline’s Sales and Marketing Director, Malcolm Rosher, explained: “The Comline brand continues to grow in popularity. In the current climate, our customers are increasingly pleased to be working with a company that not only delivers top quality product when it says it will, but that also has a sensible, no frills commercial business model behind it.

“Our customers have been requesting we repeat this exercise with other high yield aftermarket products for some time. Indeed, this new range of motor oils was developed as a direct response to customer feedback; our research told us that there was a gap in the market for a further programme that was accessible and competitively priced. We unveiled the range at this year’s Automechanika show in Frankfurt, where it was eagerly accepted and I’m pleased to report that market interest and orders have been growing ever since.” 

All grades of oil will be available in: 5litre (ltr); 4ltr and 1ltr containers. The programme is packaged in cases of four for the 5ltr and 4ltr containers, and in cases of 12 for the 1ltr product.



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