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Comline News: The Future’s Bright. The Future’s Coated.

2016-03-02 12:05:36

Comline enhances its friction offering with the launch of Coated Brake Discs

Comline is once again demonstrating its credentials as a major force within the European aftermarket by introducing a new range of Coated Brake Discs. Designed to replace the brand’s standard Disc offering, new Comline Coated Brake Discs are precision-manufactured and feature a specialised anti-corrosion coating which delivers benefits for both the technician and vehicle owner alike.


Precision Manufacturing

 Comline Coated Brake Discs are manufactured in world-class production facilities using the finest raw materials, selected for optimum hardness, tensile strength, structure and chemical composition. Manufacturing is precisely controlled using state-of-the-art CNC (Computer Numerical Control) milling machines to deliver absolute product consistency and, before leaving the factory, Discs are checked for run out, thickness variation and dynamic balance to ensure only perfect Brake Discs make it into a Comline box.


Anti-Corrosion Coating

Comline Coated Brake Discs feature a specialised anti-corrosion coating which, as the name suggests, is designed to protect the Brake Disc from corrosion. This water-based coating is applied to all areas of the Disc including the friction surface and internal vein construction to ensure a premium, rust-free appearance throughout the service life of the part. As Nick Weir, Comline Sales Manager states, this provides a unique selling point that garages can exploit:

“Anyone that has owned a vehicle fitted with alloy wheels is likely to testify their disappointment at seeing corrosion of their Brake Discs. Whilst not detrimental to braking performance this corrosion simply doesn’t look appealing in behind the alloy wheel. Comline Coated Brake Discs maintain their high-quality appearance mile-after-mile and prevent this unsightly build-up of rust.”

 The durability of Comline’s anti-corrosion coating is validated through extensive salt spray testing; a test designed to simulate an extreme, real-world driving environment to determine the durability of the coating. Comline Coated Brake Discs are proven to withstand this test without significant change to either appearance or coating surface characteristics. Crucially, this test has shown that Comline’s specialised coating offers total protection against corrosion.

In addition, the anti-corrosion coating is also resistant to solvents such as petrol, oil, brake fluid and wheel cleaner.


Fitment Ready

Unlike traditional Brake Discs, or so-called ‘Painted’ variants, Comline’s new Coated options do not require any cleaning or degreasing prior to fitment. Nick Weir outlines the very clear advantages for garage business owners:

“Being fitment ready right out of the box is one of the most notable advantages of Comline Coated Brake Discs. In simple terms, technicians will spend less time fitting a Brake Disc which will directly improve efficiency, labour times and customer service.”


With the notion of cleaning and degreasing a Brake Disc so well established in the marketplace, Comline has chosen to include a simple, in-box leaflet with each Coated Brake Disc to educate technicians about this change.


Coated vs Painted

Comline is quick to extoll the virtues of their Coated Brake Discs in comparison to ‘Painted’ versions that are already available in the marketplace. Comline Director of Braking Product Development (and bonafide Friction Doctor), Dr. Keith Ellis, explains why Coated is the better choice:

“Unlike Comline Coated Brake Discs, which are fully coated with a water-based material, Painted Brake Discs typically feature an oil-based finish which is applied only to the hub area and outer edge of the Disc. Such oil-based finishes cannot be applied to the friction mating surface as this material can adversely affect the friction performance due to its organic content.

Dr Ellis went onto say:

“Whilst Painted Brake Discs may provide initial aesthetic appeal, these oil-based finishes are far less effective in protecting against corrosion and are inferior to fully coated options in terms of durability. In addition, where Comline Coated Brake Discs are delivered fitment ready, Painted options still need to be cleaned before they are fitted to the vehicle.”

Coating the friction surface itself may seem counterintuitive but Comline is keen to explain how its coating dissipates during early use. Dr. Ellis comments:

“With Comline Coated Brake Discs, the brakes need only be applied on a handful of occasions before the water-based coating on the friction surface fades away to expose the braking surface. Where an oil-based, painted finish could hamper braking performance, all of the test data received indicates that our water-based coating has absolutely no impact on braking performance.”


Comline plans to offer the Coated option for over 500 of its most popular Brake Disc references and this roll-out is already well underway, both in the UK with Motor Factor customers and in mainland Europe with the brand’s distributor network. Coated Brake Discs are being introduced as a rolling change to supersede Comline’s standard product and well over 200 Coated references are already available to the marketplace.

Comline’s new Coated options will also be offered for references that come complete with an integrated hub and ABS sensor.

Comline Coated Brake Discs are supplied in the brand’s distinctive yellow and blue packaging and are distinguished from standard Comline Discs via the addition of a new product barcode label. The label features an eye-catching silver tab that is clearly marked with the word ‘Coated’ for easy on-shelf identification. In addition, due to this being a supersession, there is no change to the existing Comline part numbers.


In recent years Comline has established itself as one of the fastest growing brands in Europe and the move to Coated Brake Discs represents yet another significant step forward for the brand.

For Comline, the future’s bright. The future’s Coated!

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