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Images of Comline clutch kits

2011-08-15 15:13:47

Actual images of whole range of Comline clutch kits NOW available on Comline website. 

Comline has a very wide range of clutch kits, SMF kits (CK with flywheel and fork) and concentric slave cylinders.  As per the current market trend, customers get a clutch kit part as a surprise packet, they are only able to visualise design of a clutch kit when they receive a delivery of this item at their end. There is no resource available for the visual comparison before a customer places an order for clutch kit.

Many of us are of the notion that all clutch kits look more or less similar but it is not completely true. Comline has invested a huge amount of manpower to take an individual photograph of each clutch kit and SMF kit part number, in order to help customers in ordering clutch kits.   

Comline is hoping that the above effort will add a good value to our customers. 

Please pass on any comments you have to miten@comline.uk.com and feel free to contact Miten Parikh, Head of Product Department if you have any query; 

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