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Model Feature - KIA Soul

2015-06-16 11:28:24

Proving once and for all that it’s hip to be square, the KIA Soul stands out from the crowd with a distinctive look that accomplishes being both boxy and surprisingly funky!

The original Soul was introduced back in 2008 but, with sales figures average at best the Soul has since been revamped. This overhaul seems to have worked wonders with sales of the KIA Soul having more than doubled throughout Europe from 2013 to 2014.

With this influx of sales it seems the KIA Soul is here to stay, so you’ll need to know where to turn for replacement parts. Where filters and braking is concerned the answer is simple; Comline.

Comline delivers products offering consistent, reliable quality and genuine, business-enhancing value-for-money. If you’re looking to retain a strong margin whilst providing your customers with a product they can trust then look no further than Comline.


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