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Comline COATF3H is a fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid, especially developed for new (after 2003) but also older (automatic) transmissions of GM and Ford, as well as for many other brands.


  • Suitable for power steering systems, some hydraulic systems and for rotary air compressors where an excellent low temperature fluidity is required
  • Very high viscosity index
  • Offers resistance against corrosion and foam building
  • Good anti oxidation and anti-wear properties
  • Extremely low pour point which allows easy gear shifting at cold starts
  • Friction characteristics are improved to such an extent that the oil ensures easy shifting during the entire drain interval.

Performance Level

Allison C-4
Ford Mercon
Ford Mercon V
MAN 339 Type V2
MB 236.6
Voith 55.6335
Volvo 97341
ZF TE-ML 04D/09/14B/16L/17C
ATF3H Transmission Fluid

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    About our Renault ATF3H Transmission Fluid

    Comline Auto Parts is able to provide the best quality replacement parts for all Renault cars at affordable prices! Our ATF3H Transmission Fluid range covers all of the latest Renault models and can be bought here directly from our head office! Manufactured to match Renault quality, look no further to find the best ATF3H Transmission Fluid for your car. Please enter your car details above to match your Renault with our ATF3H Transmission Fluid range and to find the parts you need QUICKLY! Alternatively click here for more information on our range.

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